Policy Details

Acceptance and Offering of Gifts including Hospitality

Dated: 31 Dec 2013



POLICY TITLE: Acceptance and Offering of Gifts including Hospitality

OWNING DIRECTORATE: Corporate and Strategic Services

AUTHOR: Detective Chief Superintendent, Professional Standards

CONTACT DETAILS: 101 Ext. 49031

AIM OF POLICY: To inform officers and staff of the considerations to be made and controls necessary when accepting and/or offering gifts and hospitality.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: To protect police officers and staff against the risk of, and accusations of, being unduly influenced by offers.

REASON FOR POLICY: Police Authority Financial Regulations.


Northumbria Police acknowledges and understands that there is a risk that police officers, police staff and members of the Special Constabulary may be unduly influenced by the receipt of gifts including hospitality, or, alternatively, could be open to accusations of being unduly influenced.

The acceptance of gifts for services rendered to the public in the course of ordinary duties may conflict with the values of propriety and professionalism expected of police officers and staff. In circumstances where refusal to accept a gift would or could cause embarrassment or offence, the gift may be accepted in accordance with the provisions described within Force procedure.

It is accepted as part of everyday engagement duties some officers may be provided with light refreshments; which is acceptable.

To minimise the risk, a register of gifts including hospitality is maintained. This includes those gifts including hospitality both offered to and given by staff, however, does not apply where the recording of the gift including hospitality will breach operational confidentiality.

Northumbria Police acknowledges the rights of its staff to protection of property in accordance with the first protocol of Article 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

SOURCE DOCUMENT: Police and Crime Commissioner Financial Regulations