Policy Details

Diversity & Equality

Dated: 27 Jul 2015


POLICY TITLE: Diversity & Equality


AUTHOR: HR Department

CONTACT DETAILS: Customer Service Helpline. 101, Ext. 64111


AIM OF POLICY: The policy aims to promote equality, diversity and human rights and to inform police officers, staff, special constables, volunteers and communities of the importance of the standards required within the workforce.

BENEFIT OF POLICY: It outlines what can be expected in terms of treatment as police officers, staff, special constables, volunteers and customers of the organisation.

REASON FOR POLICY: To illustrate Northumbria Police compliance with anti-discriminatory and equal opportunities legislation within the workplace.


Northumbria Police is committed to eliminating discrimination, encouraging diversity amongst its workforce and to equality of opportunity irrespective of 'protected characteristics' including; age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. The organisation recognises the benefits of a diverse and representative workforce and the need to promote and ensure equality in the workplace.

Internal Commitment

  • To proactively manage equality, diversity and human rights in the workplace ensuring fairness, respect and dignity is achieved by promoting and utilising procedures, advice and support to police officers, staff, special constables and volunteers, allowing unreasonable treatment, harassment or discrimination to be raised appropriately.
  • To deliver the highest professional standards of behaviour in the workplace as outlined in the Code of Ethics which includes principles such as 'integrity', 'fairness', 'respect' and 'leadership' and to address these when individual behaviour does not meet the expectations of the Code.

External Commitment

  • To provide communities with a service that meets their different policing needs by creating a service influenced by concerns and needs of the local communities, partners and local agencies.
  • To improve the safety of, and confidence within, diverse communities by proactively tackling the causes of prejudice Hate Crimes that target minority groups.
  • To provide the diverse communities we serve access to employment opportunities, information and policing services.

To further these commitments the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable developed Joint Equality Objectives. Internal governance of these objectives is managed through the Force Equality Board, ensuring equality in the provision of services and employment under the Equality Act 2010.


SOURCE DOCUMENT: Discrimination legislation

GROUPS AFFECTED: All police officers, police staff, special constables and volunteers.