Bag Security Crime Prevention

This is a storyboard transcript to complement the Bag Security Crime Prevention Video.

A woman waits for a friend to arrive at a restaurant.

It’s been a busy day shopping or at work and all you want to do is meet up with friends for a relaxing drink or meal.

A woman places her bag over a chair after joining a friend at a restaurant.

You take a seat, slip your bag over the back of your chair and then go to get your purse – and then you find it’s gone. Just like the sneak thief who took it a short while ago.

A bag left open and placed on the back of a chair.

But some simple advice can stop this from happening. Don’t leave bags open or on the backs of chairs, keep them under the table.

A purse or wallet left on a table.

Wallets and purses should also be kept out of sight and secure, especially in crowded places like nightclubs or shopping centres.

© Northumbria Police

You should also keep cheque books and cheque cards separate and avoid carrying large amounts of cash whenever possible. With almost all shops and businesses now taking cards, most of us shouldn’t need to carry lots of money around with us.

A credit card left together with the cards PIN number.

Another tip, which is always worth repeating, is never carry your PIN number with your card. This can be a goldmine for the casual thief and by the time you’ve realised your purse and wallet has gone, hundreds of pounds might have been taken from your account.

© Northumbria Police

None of these tips cost any money but can save you from the distress of becoming a victim of crime and having a night out ruined.