Child sex exploitation - The Risks

Any young person can be at risk of being exploited, however, there are a number of factors that can increase the risk.Risk

While this list is not exhaustive, these can include children or young people who:

  • Have a disrupted family life or live in a chaotic or dysfunctional family or where there is a history of domestic or child abuse within the family.

  • Have poor mental health.

  • Have social or learning difficulties.

  • Misuse alcohol and/or drugs.

  • Have experienced or are experiencing problematic parenting.

  • Have parents who misuse drugs or alcohol.

  • Have parents with health problems.

  • Are young carers.

  • Have unsupervised use of social networking and chat rooms/sites.

  • Experience social exclusion.

  • Live in care, hostels or bed and breakfast accommodation.

  • Are homeless.

  • Have been or are excluded from mainstream education.

  • Are involved in gangs.

  • Are friends or attend school with others who are sexually exploited.

  • Do not have friends in the same age group.

  • Are being bullied.

  • Have experienced recent bereavement or loss.

  • Have association with gangs through relatives, peers or intimate relationships or live in an area where there is gang culture.

  • Are unsure about their sexual orientation or unable to confide in their family about their sexual orientation.