Domestic abusers


All domestic abuse victims have the right to live without fear or violenceIf you’re an abuser, you should know Northumbria Police will take action against you and if you commit a criminal offence you can be arrested, even if your victim does not want you to be arrested.

Once arrested you’ll be taken to a police station where you’ll be interviewed and could be charged.  You might be given bail conditions which will restrict your activity, for example that you don’t return to your victim’s home. If you break these conditions you could be kept in custody until your court appearance.

Officers will collect evidence at the crime scene, take witness statements, photograph injuries, obtain forensic evidence and use CCTV footage. They can also use their own notes as evidence in court.  Your victim’s past medical records and history of previous incidents can also be used in court.

Northumbria Police will do everything in its power to build the best possible case against you in court.

If you’re an abuser or have abused in the past and recognise you need help to change your behaviour, you can get help. You can call the RESPECT helpline on 0808 8024040.