What is hate crime?

A Hate Crime is any crime which you believe was committed because...

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Advice for victims

You can report any incident if you believe you or someone else has been targeted because...

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Report Hate Crime

Anybody can report a hate crime...

Report hate crime

Hate crime

Northumbria Police is spreading an extremely important message to encourage people to report Hate Crime.

‘Being you is not a crime – targeting you is’ – that’s the message being taken across the force area to ensure everyone understands Hate Crime; what kinds of incidents should be reported, who to speak to for help and information and how to report to police.

Targeting anyone because of a personal characteristic, whether it’s verbal or physical is a Hate Crime and Northumbria Police want you to report all incidents directly or via third party reporting scheme ARCH.

Anyone who wants an officer to come and talk to them about Hate Crime should call their Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Report a hate crime

You can report a hate crime to Northumbria Police by:


What will the police do?

If you’ve been a victim of crime the police will support you throughout the investigation.

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Types of hate crime

A personal characteristic could be the motivating factor of a hate crime. What is meant by ‘personal characteristics’?

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Safe Reporting Centres

Safe Reporting Centres provide a supportive environment for people to report hate crime to police.

Safe Reporting Centres