'Trick or treat' - No callers 'polite sign'

Remember, not everyone wants to take part in 'trick or treat' so do be considerate to others.

People who don't want to be interrupted by these callers can download our Halloween sign saying no trick or treat here.

Simply download and print this sign off and pop it in your window or on your front door.

Safety tips for those taking part in 'trick or treat'

Follow these tips to help keep everyone happy and safe this Halloween

If you have young children:

  • Never let them go trick or treating on their own.

  • Make sure you accompany them and only visit people you know.

If you have teenagers:

  • Make sure they don’t have access to fireworks, alcohol, eggs or flour.

  • Explain why they must not play tricks on strangers.

  • Tell them that if nobody answers the door, or a ‘No trick or treat’ sign is on display, they must leave immediately.

  • Remind them to stay with their friends and make sure they know that they should never enter the home of a stranger.

  • If you do need to talk to the police call 101.

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