Crime Prevention Advice

How you can help keep crime down in your area.

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Crime levels are continuing to fall, so there are fewer victims and fewer offences being committed across the force.

This is not simply a matter of good police work - we rely on our partners, including local communities and individuals, to play their part in keeping crime low.

There are lots of steps you can take to keep your property and possessions safe, most of them at little or no cost to yourself.

Check out these crime prevention pages for a wealth of crime prevention advice, from keeping your home safe and secure through to practical tips to ensure your mobile phone doesn't get stolen on a night out.

Each area command in the force also has crime prevention advisors who will be happy to give you more information on staying safe and give you information on practical steps you can take.

Most crime is carried out by opportunist thieves who are on the look-out for easy pickings. If they see a home that looks secure or a bike with a substantial lock, chances are they'll move on to try and find an easier target.

These pages contain basic information to help you contribute to the fight against crime by protecting yourself and your property.

  • By following some straightforward advice you can play your part in keeping crime low in Northumbria

  • By taking simple crime prevention measures, you can protect yourself, your home, your business and your vehicles.