Ticketing Scams

The Scam


• The website offers you the chance to buy tickets from a popular event, which is often sold out or the tickets haven’t officially gone on sale.

• You pay for the tickets but they are never delivered or you may receive tickets but when you arrive at the event the organisers tell you the tickets are fake.

• Fraudsters will set up fake websites that are fake. Some fraudsters will also sell fake tickets via social media.

The Advice

• Check with the event organiser, promoter and venue to see how and
when tickets are being distributed.

• Ask questions such as when the ticket will be dispatched and what
type of ticket you are buying.

• Read the Terms and Conditioned on all websites.

• Pay for tickets by credit card – the card issuer is jointly liable for a
failure for goods or services.

• Check the payment pages are secure by looking for a padlock
symbol in the address bar and making sure the address begins
with “https”.