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Property Marking

An image of property marking a mobile phoneMarking your property will make it less attractive to steal as it makes the property harder to dispose of or sell. It can also help the Police investigation process and allow us to recover and return the property to you.

Property should be marked at the rear or side of the item with your postcode and the number or name of the house. You can security mark property in a number of ways:

Ultra Violet (UV) Marker Pen

A UV Pen is almost invisible to the naked eye but becomes visible under UV light which is used when property is recovered. UV markings tend to fade over time, so it is best to re-apply every 6-12 months.

Permanent Marker Pen

This can be used on large pieces of machinery, tools and garden equipment.


This is a method that applies a unique reference to your property using a chemical solution and stencil.


Property can be engraved by using scribing pens, ceramic marking pens or electric hand engravers.

Forensic Marking

DNA technology is used to mark property with a special code which is unique to the owner, allowing property to be easily identified.

When looking for products look for ones which have been tested to substantiate the claims they make. Look for Sold secure and Secured by Design products. Approved products and companies are listed on the Sold Secure and Secured by Design websites.

You should seek expert advice in relation to marking antiques and items of art, as marking could affect their value.

Advertise It!

Always use the stickers that are usually provided with the product to advertise to would-be thieves that you have taken crime prevention measures.

Photograph It!

It is a good idea to keep a photographic record of your property, particularly items such as jewellery, antiques and paintings which are not suitable for marking. Photograph them on a plain background, capturing any identifying marks and place a ruler beside each item to show its size. Keep a separate copy and store them on a memory stick, SD Card or external hard drive and keep them in a safe place.

Immobilise It!

Once you have marked your property go one step further and place it on the national property register Immobilise. It is a free service that allows you to register your property and in the event of loss or theft you can flag an item as lost or stolen on your account. UK police forces use the online checking service to trace owners of lost or stolen property. Find out more about Immobilise.