Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch logoNeighbourhood Watch is all about looking out for each other.

A National Neighbourhood Watch Association exists, and is extremely active in many parts of the country, and throughout the Northumbria Police Area.

Neighbours acting together mean that dozens of eyes and ears are ready to pick up on anything happening in the neighbourhood that could cause worry or concern.

It’s not about being nosy or interfering, it's about being a good neighbour and caring for your community.

There is more to Neighbourhood Watch than protecting homes and property against burglary. By working together, neighbours can help reduce all sorts of crimes. They can also improve the environment by getting something done about issues like vandalism, graffiti, poor lighting and local amenities.

Neighbourhood Watch is also about bringing people closer together and involving them in local life. A stronger community spirit grows as people get to know each other and look out for one another.

Anyone can join a Neighbourhood Watch team and everyone can play a part in its achievements.


Neighbourhood Beat ManagerNeighbourhood Watch works by:

  • Bringing people closer together.

  • Building a stronger community spirit.

  • Helping to reduce crime.

  • Lessening people’s anxieties about crime.

  • Strengthening links with the police.

  • Developing closer relationships with local councils.

  • Improving the local environment.
  • Creating a better quality of life.

Individual Neighbourhood Watch schemes can range from a few houses in a cul-de-sac, to an entire housing estate. If a scheme doesn't exist where you live, consider approaching a few neighbours to gauge their interest.

In many areas, Police Neighbourhood Beat Managers work actively with Neighbourhood Watch schemes. Police Crime Prevention Advisors will also provide you with advice and guidance on security over and above that which you may find on this site.

For further information contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 ext. 69191.