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Fuel theft

Fuel theft can occur from both domestic tanks and vehicles but you can help prevent this by using the following advice.

Fuel2Domestic tanks

  • Install good security lighting which illuminates your fuel tank.¬†

  • Keep an inventory of how many litres you are using so you can discover thefts immediately.

  • A wooden fence, trellis or wall can give significant protection and should be as close to the tank and as high as possible.

  • You can buy secure lockable containers for fuel tanks.

  • Restrict access to your property by keeping gates locked.

  • Alarms are available which send a text message to a mobile phone if the tank is tampered with.

A fuel capVehicles

  • Consider your business operating procedures and if possible leave vehicles empty overnight and only refuel in the morning.

  • Park private, farm and agriculture vehicles under lighting, within view of any CCTV or parked close to your property.

  • Park vehicles with the fuel cap closest to a wall. If this is not possible vehicles should be parked close together to restrict access to the fuel tank.

  • Check perimeter fences regularly and keep gates locked.