Who is responsible for the event?

A large crowdThe organiser and/or landowner is responsible for safety at public events for event personnel, volunteers and members of the public. It is a legal requirement that appropriate insurance cover is provided for the event, in respect of public and employers liability.

Copies of insurance certificates will have to be validated and your local authority can advise on this matter.

You should ensure any safety documentation is easily available for examination so you can show you have planned your event safely before the event takes place, including any necessary plans, calculations and drawings.

It is often thought the police are the lead agency when it comes to approving all public events. This is not the case.

The role of the police when supporting events is:
· To prevent or stop a breach of the peace
· To prevent and detect crime
· To work within traffic regulations with legal powers
· Activation and co-ordination of contingency plans.