Renewal of a firearm / shot gun certificate

Renewal of a Certificate

Firearm and shotgun certificates are valid for five years.  Fourteen weeks before the certificate expiry date we will send you notice that your certificate is due to expire.

We ask that you return your completed renewal application form to us ten weeks before the expiry date. In most cases this will be sufficient time to enable us to complete our enquiries and get your new certificate to you before the expiry date. This form and the accompanying guidance notes are available to download below.

Once the application has been checked for completeness all relevant enquiries will be made and we may contact you to arrange a home visit or we may discuss the application with you by phone.

When we speak to you we will talk about your lifestyle, domestic arrangements, health and well being. If we visit you, we will check your home and gun security. On either occasion we will answer any questions and provide guidance.

We will subsequently advise you in writing that your application has been granted or refused. If it is refused the fee and your photographs will be returned.

If you have submitted your renewal application eight weeks or more prior to the certificate expiry and it has not been renewed, then a temporary permit will be issued for a period of eight weeks or until the licensing authority has made a decision on the application. Any extension to the certificate validity date will be treated as part of the period for the renewed certificate (if applicable).

If you have not submitted your renewal application eight weeks or more prior to the certificate expiry, then you will not be issued with a temporary permit and you will be committing an offence if you are still in the possession of guns and/or ammunition once your certificate has expired.

If a Certificate Expires

Prior to the expiry of the certificate you will need to make arrangements to move the guns and ammunition to an authorised representative and advise the licensing authority of those arrangements.

If you want to regain possession of the items you will need to apply for the grant of a certificate.