Vermin control/deer stalking

Hunting – destruction of vermin/deer stalking

In the case of hunting, an applicant needs to demonstrate “good reason” for the firearms Dsc0018requested.

“Good reason” can only be satisfied by the applicant supplying written permission from the land owner or person who holds the shooting rights where they have permission to use the firearm requested.

There are certain recognised and acceptable calibres of weapon for most vermin and deer. For guidance on this see our Vermin Control and Deer Stalking pages.

Suitability of land

Land used must be safe for the calibre of weapon in question. Initially land is deemed suitable, or not, by the Chief Officer of police.

This requires a land inspection by a Firearms Enquiry Officer, in conjunction with the land owner or his agent. Various factors must be taken into consideration including the acreage, position of public footpaths, surrounding roads and dwellings and the general lay of the land.

Providing the land is suitable and the firearms requested are suitable for the purpose requested, a firearm certificate may be granted, authorising specific firearms and ammunition use for the required purpose on land deemed suitable by the Chief Officer of police.

Each and every application will be treated on its own merit.