Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health

We’re proud to promote mental health awareness and we’re working with other emergency services to make sure that people facing a mental health crisis get the support whenever and wherever they need it.

Here’s how we’re working towards that ambition:

Cutting edge training  - RESPOND
We’re training a selection of our officers alongside professionals from the NHS, paramedics, the Local Authority and crucially  ‘experts by experience’ – people who have had experience of using mental health services. Together, we’ll ensure that those in crisis are offered the right care and support, and are signposted to the most appropriate service. The training is called RESPOND.

This state of the art simulation training presents real life situations where there’s a mental health crisis. Officers come away with a better understanding of how to recognise mental health problems, understand the roles and responsibilities of our partners and are able to identify issues much more quickly in order to deliver a higher quality of care to such vulnerable individuals

Nothing of this kind exists and the training will be delivered across the north of England in the coming months with the hope that this will also be extended nationally in the future.

Street triage
Street triage is a service to help the police and mental health colleagues provide the most appropriate care to those in crisis. It involves a police officer and mental health nurse working together to provide face to face intervention. This helps to ensure that people are not unnecessarily detained by the police under the Mental Health Act but are given a clinical assessment by the nurse so that they can receive the most appropriate care.  They operate 7 days a week across Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, Sunderland, South Tyneside and Gateshead areas.


We’re upskilling new recruits
All new recruits to Northumbria Police are given training in mental health awareness. Delivered by the specialists at Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS, this equips officers with the a basic knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of mental health as well as who might be best placed to help. Key to this training is a discussion with an expert by experience to help the students understand what it’s like to be in a crisis and how the police can assist.


Working together with the Alzheimer’s Society
Through our partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society, we’re looking at how front line police can best support those with dementia in an emergency.