Where is my nearest Magistrates' Court?

In the Northumberland area:

Bedlington Magistrates' Court

The Law Courts 
Schalksmuhle Road 
NE22 7LX Tel: 01670 531 100 (Behind Front Street, off Glebe Road, A1068, near Bedlington Police Station, Public Car Park adjacent)

Berwick upon Tweed Magistrates' Court

The Court House 
40 Church Street 
Berwick upon Tweed 
TD15 1DX Tel: 01289 306 885 


In the Newcastle area:

Newcastle upon Tyne Magistrates' Court

PO Box 191 
Market Street 
Newcastle upon Tyne 
NE99 1TB Tel: 0191 232 7326 (Off Pilgrim Street, next to Market Street Police Station and Fire Station, nearest Metro Station - Monument)


In the North Tyneside area:

North Tyneside Magistrates' Court

Tynemouth Road 
North Shields 
Tyne and Wear 
NE30 1AG Tel: 0191 296 0099 (Tynemouth Road, A193, nearest Metro Station - North Shields) 


In the Gateshead area:

Gateshead Magistrates' Court

PO Box 26 
Warwick Street 
Tyne and Wear 
NE8 1DT Tel: 0191 477 5821 (Near Gateshead Civic Centre, nearest Metro Station - Gateshead) 


In the South Tyneside area:

South Tyneside Magistrates' Court

Secretan Way 
South Shields 
Tyne and Wear 
NE33 1RG Tel: 0191 455 8800 (Off Station Road, Millbank Industrial Estate, nearest Metro Station - South Shields)


In the Sunderland area:

Sunderland Magistrates' Court

Gillbridge Avenue 
Tyne and Wear 
SR1 3AP Tel: 0191 514 1621 (Off Livingstone Road, A183, near Crowtree Leisure Centre, Car Park adjacent)

Dated: 01 May 2012