FRAUD WARNING to businesses in Newcastle

22 Apr 2016 11:34 AM

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Police in Newcastle are warning businesses in the area to be on their guard for fraudsters looking to steal cash.

Officers have information to suggest there may be a group of men who have travelled to the area this morning looking to carry out a fraud offence known as 'ringing the changes'.

The fraudsters commit the offence by going into a shop or business and asking for large amounts of cash to be changed.

While the staff member begins to count and change the money the men will then try to distract or confuse them so they miscount and the conmen ends up with more money than they asked to change.

We are carrying out enquiries to identify and locate the men who we think are involved in this, however officers want to warn local businesses and shops to be on their guard.

The warning has been circulated via the ShopWatch system in Newcastle city centre and police want all managers and staff at all local businesses in the area to be aware.

To prevent any such offences then please be very careful when exchanging any money.

If you think something is suspicious then seek the assistance of your manager, your colleagues, or by ringing 101 and speaking to police.

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