Closure Order granted to curb ASB

15 Mar 2017 11:42 AM

Officers issue Closure Order in Ashington [View Full Size]

A Closure Order has been granted against an Ashington resident to curb anti-social behaviour in the town.

Officers have been called to the address in Rosalind Street on more than 40 occasions this year, to deal with problems of anti-social behaviour and crime.

This follows work by Ashington Neighbourhood Policing Team who have been speaking to residents living in the neighbouring area asking them what local issues were of concern to them.

Their responses confirmed that the occupants at this address were causing problems for many people. There have been reports of people coming and going to and from the address causing a disturbance at all times of the day and night and frequently drunk. Officers have also been liaising with partner agencies including Northumberland County Council and Social Services to fully assess the issue.

Now a three month closure order has been issued by Newcastle Magistrates' Court (on Wednesday, March 8) and came into effect at noon on Saturday, March 11.

The order granted under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, aims to prevent the nuisance and disorder from reoccurring. The tenant and all visitors have been banned from the premises, the only person allowed to enter is the landlord and any emergency services.

Anyone who contravenes the order and enters the address faces a fine or imprisonment of up to 51 weeks.

Neighbourhood Inspector Sue Fryer said: "People are entitled to live their lives peacefully in their homes and not to be awoken by frequently disturbances from nuisance neighbours.

"Now officers have issued the order obtained from the court and will be monitoring the situation to make sure the order is not breached. Officers in Wansbeck take a problem solving approach to dealing with anti-social behaviour and proactively use the relevant legislation to tackle the problem for the benefit of the wider community.

"We work closely with the community and our partners to do all we can to keep our communities safe. We'd encourage people to report any issues they have so we can continue to help local people."

PC Adrian Wilby, the neighbourhood beat manager for the area, said: "The occupants of the address have caused misery to the local residents for a great deal of time now. The order is an effective way of dealing with anti-social behaviour and it is hoped the residents can now live in the street without the constant threat of being disturbed by the drunken behaviour of individuals."

Anyone with concerns about crime or disorder where they live should contact their local neighbourhood policing team on 101.

Pictured, Officers issue Closure Order in Ashington