CSO praised by bosses after tackling suspected robber

13 Sep 2017 14:00 PM

CSO Keith Downey [View Full Size]

A Police Community Support Officer has been praised by senior officers after tackling a suspected robber in Newcastle.

At around 1.30pm yesterday afternoon (Tues) police received a report of an attempted robbery near to the Cloth Market in the city centre.

CSO Kevin Downey was on scene just five minutes later and was quick to identify a suspect in the area who he immediately confronted.

The man attempted to flee the area but Kevin was able to tackle him to the ground and detain him with the assistance of a passer-by.

Colleagues from the city centre NPT and firearms Support Unit (FSU) soon arrived on scene and the 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of robbery. 

Now Newcastle City Centre Inspector, Steve Wykes, has praised CSO Downey for a "fantastic bit of police work" to detain the suspect.

He said: "Kevin was on scene in a matter of minutes and after locating a suspect he was able to tackle him to the floor and restrain him until back-up arrived.

"It was a fantastic bit of police work and Kevin showed tremendous determination to detain a suspect for this offence.

"We are very proud of his efforts and this shows those people living, visiting and working in the city centre that they are in safe hands."

CSO Downey said: "I love policing Newcastle city centre. It is a great city where everyone is smiling and happy to stop and chat to us.

"It gives me great pride to have the responsibility of keeping people in the city safe and on this occasion I was just doing my job."

The 31-year-old spent a night in the cells before he was charged with a string of offences today including robbery, attempted robbery, burglary other than a dwelling and two counts of vehicle interference.

He is set to appear before Newcastle Magistrates Court on Thursday, September 14.