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Anti Social Behaviour - We Asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Anti Social Behaviour - You Said

Crime and anti-social behaviour issues in Springwell Estate.

Anti Social Behaviour - We Did

  • People have been arrested for breaking into sheds in the area

  • A warrant has been executed and a number of items of property have been recovered. A number of items have been identified as being stolen. These have now been returned to their owners. Arrests have been made of priority offenders and we are seeking orders to keep them out of the area. 

  • People have been evicted from council property.

  • We have carried out a mixture of high visibility and plain clothed patrols in the area to deter and detect crime and disorder offences. People have been stopped and searched.

  • We are working with youth services to provide diversionary opportunities for young people with the aim of reducing the numbers of those gathering in groups.

  • Extra patrols have been conducted by Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and test purchases have been made at off-licences in conjunction with Trading Standards to identify and prosecute those responsible for selling alcohol to underage children. 

  • A bottle marking scheme has been introduced.

  • Crime prevention messages have been passed out in the area.

  • Property has been given identification marks in the area.

Alcohol Related Disorder - We Asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Alcohol Related Disorder - You Said

Alcohol-related disorder in Birtley.

Alcohol Related Disorder - We Did

  • Extra patrols, both uniformed and plain clothes, are being deployed after 6pm targeting anti-social behaviour.

  • We have allocated a further member of police staff to carry out patrols in the area.

  • We are working closely with partner agencies to make sure the appropriate action is taken to resolve the issues.

  • We have started educational meetings between young people and residents to show young people how their actions can intimidate residents.  These sessions have also shown other residents how the majority of young people do not intend to cause problems to others and are pleasant citizens. An off-licence has been prosecuted and had its licence revoked for selling to people who are underage.

  • We are working with schools in the area to highlight the harm alcohol does.

  • A community alcohol partnership has been set up to look at a long term response.

  • Youth services are working with young people to provide education and diversionary activities.

  • Off-licences are receiving extra training to ensure they sell responsibly and if they do not they will be dealt with.

  • Extra checks are being undertaken in pubs to ensure that they are selling responsibly.