Neighbourhood priorities

We asked, You Said, We did

How we have addressed the local issues you raised with us.

We asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

You said

Members of the public contacted police reporting motorists speeding on Park Avenue, especially during the morning when people are commuting to their place of work.

We did

We have now been deploying officers on a regular basis in both marked and plain vehicles in an effort to tackle reports of speeding. One thing that we have found is that due to the busy nature of the road and the junctions, it is only very few vehicles that can actually get far above the speed limits. With the use of our speed equipment we have ascertained that it is largely a perception that vehicles are speeding and in actual fact most are below the limits.

Those identified as having exceeded the limits have been dealt with in a positive manner. We have issued a number of verbal warnings, letters of advice and some tickets. We will continue to take action against anyone proven to be speeding in this area. However, our focus will now move to another area for issues that concern our residents.