Neighbourhood priorities

Northumbria Police aims to meet our commitment to you.

The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:

May 2017 - Youth Anti-Social Behaviour around Christon Road, Skate Park and Gosforth Central Park.

What you told us:

Youths congregating causing disorder and criminal damage throughout the East and West Gosforth area and in to Jesmond.
This includes: Christon Road,Gosforth, the skate park and the grassed area bordered by the metro line; the allotments and school playing fields; Regent Centre car parks and Metro Station;
Central Park. The main days are Friday and Saturday on an early evening.

Keeping you informed


There have been regular patrols conducted by officers in and around the area to address the issue of anti-social behaviour (ASB).

Officers have been undertaking dedicated patrols on Friday and Saturday nights in October with Dispersal Orders in place. This has seen several youths being issued with Dispersal Notices preventing them retuning to the area within 48hrs.

There is partnership work on-going to improve the security and safety at the derelict Greggs Building. Work is on-going to look at improving the lighting and area around the Skate Park.

These areas continue to see youths gathering and causing anti-social behaviour and will continue as priority areas.