Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

May 2017 - Large groups of youths are congregating in key locations in the Lemington and Newburn Area.

Top end of Newburn Road particularly in around the areas of Sainsburys.

Keeping you informed

Action we have taken. Working with our partners we have used operation Unity to reduce asb in the local area. Those responsible have been dealt with and we continue to link in with the local housing group. Local offenders have been identified and dealt with for various public order offences.

Actions to be taken – CSOS, and local NPT officer’s to be specifically tasked to patrol the areas indicated above to deter incidents and reassure the public and identify and manage offences and offenders.  We will continue to work closely with our partners and councillors to identify any emerging hotspot area’s and offenders and manage offenders via enforcement and diversion.  

August 2016 - Motorcycle Disorder

Nature of priority

After reviewing incidents, it is apparent that there is a seasonal increase in motorcycle disorder.  Riders are using Off-Road bikes or ’Pit bikes’ to ride around fields and waste land, usually with no thought for pedestrians nearby. Stopping the riders safely is difficult and Police attendance usually disperses the riders increasing the risk to the public. The Neighbourhood Police team are looking at evidence gathering and prosecutions ‘in slow time’ rather than put the public at risk by stopping the bikes at the time of the offence.

Can I ask that if you are aware of any illegally ridden motorcycles that you call the Police and you provide us with as much information as possible.  This will assist in seizure of the bike and prosecution of the riders and / or owners.


Update for July

The level of ASB involving motorcycles remains slightly lower than this time last year. Neighbourhood Officers have obtained excellent digital images of a number of Offenders using their bikes anti-socially.  This is being progressed to prosecution and I will provide regular updates.

Please may I ask that you continue to call Police, this is providing good evidence and assisting us in identifying the offenders.