About My Role

PC Ian Milbourne

1185 PC Ian Milbourne

I have been working as a police constable within Northumbria Police since 2001. I have spent my career to date based at Westgate Road Police Station. I was originally a 24/7 response officer for 3 years and for the past 7 years I have been performing the role of Neighbourhood Beat Manager.

I am currently part of the Wingrove Neighbourhood Policing team.

My role involves identifying problems of crime and disorder, relating to all parts of the local community.

I have involvement in problem solving initiatives with community partners and local authorities aimed at addressing the causes of issues within the community. I provide a high visibility uniformed presence in order to reassure the local community and reduce the fear of crime.

I can be contacted at Westgate Road Police Station should you have any policing issues that you wish to bring to my attention.

My role as a Neighbourhood Beat Officer is to meet the needs of local communities, uphold the protection of life and property, maintain peace and encourage the reduction or prevention of crime through:

  • The identification of problems of crime, disorder and other quality of life issues experienced by all sections of the local community, particularly vulnerable groups.

  • Involvement in problem solving initiatives aimed at addressing the underlying causes of many of these issues.

  • Provision of a highly visible uniformed presence, aimed at reassuring the local community and reducing the fear of crime.

Please do get in touch if you have any policing issues you wish to bring to my attention.


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