Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:

1. Rural Crime

September 2016

During August 2016, Alnwick Neighbourhood officers have been out across the sector visiting the rural villages and Alnwick town centre.

Officers have been speaking to members of the public to establish "What are Your Neighbourhood Concerns in Your Area?"

So, as a result of our monthly consultation, Rural Crime, ASB and Road Reassurance will be the main Alnwick/Amble /Rothbury Neighbourhood Team Priority for September 2016 .

Alnwick Neighbourhood Team have planned further engagements days across the Alnwick sector to visit the rural towns and villages; these dates are published on our website. 

Rural Crime

 "What you told us"

Poaching and theft from farms is a Neighbourhood Priority as a result of correspondence from rural residents, and engagement days with the mobile police station in the rural village communities. 

"What we are doing about it"

Officers from the Alnwick Neighbourhood Team will work together with local land owners, game keepers and land users to prevent and detect crime.

Information about vehicles and people trespassing on land should be reported so officers can build up an intelligence picture so that Rural Crime Operations can target those offenders.

"Keeping you informed"

Residents will be informed of successes via the sector website, local media, officers attending community meetings, Farmwatch notices and patrolling officers.


2. Anti-social behaviour in Alnwick

September 2016


"What you told us"

Residents in the Alnwick sector have complained about alcohol related, vehicle related and general youth anti-social behaviour around Alnwick

Bus Station, Fenkle Street, Market Place and Morrisons.

"What we are doing about it"

Operation Appease - The Alnwick Neighbourhood Team will continue to provide a high profile visible presence in the areas identified during the evenings and at weekends, to reassure residents, and prevent ASB.

All reports of ASB are taken seriously:

Officers will :

- proactivity deal with groups of youths to prevent incidents of disorder and confront anyone acting in an anti-social manner 

- positively deal with any person who is drunk and disorderly in a public place

- deal robustly with incidents of public or vehicle related disorder

- confiscate alcohol from those drinking illegally in the street

- implement Dispersal Orders under the new Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 to remove or reduce the likelihood of ASB.

- issue S59 notices to drivers of vehicles where anti-social behaviour is being committed, with a view to seizing their vehicle if the driver is a repeat offender. 

- serving individuals who regularly cause problems with Community Protection Notices to reduce their offending.  

The local Neighbourhood officer will:

- revisit vulnerable victims and regular callers to establish their real concerns with a view to managing their expectations, provide advice and offer support.   

- work in partnership with relevant partners to tackle ASB

- work with local partners to promote activities for the children

- work with Trading Standards, Licensees and the Northumberland County Council Licencing Officer to reduce underage drinking in the area.

"Keeping you informed"

Residents will be informed of successes via the sector website, local media, officers attending community meetings, and patrolling officers.




3. Road Reassurance / Speeding

September 2016

"What you told us"

Speeding motor vehicles still remains a Neighbourhood Priority as a result of correspondence from residents, Parish councils across the Rothbury sector and villages raising concern in relation to speeding motor vehicles travelling on our roads through the same towns and villages across the sector.

"What we are doing about it"

The Neighbourhood teams will continue to work in conjunction with the Safer Communities Partnership, Customs and Excise and VOSA to make the roads a safer place to ride and drive.

Community Speed Watch Volunteers and police vehicles will continue to patrol the areas to monitor the speed of traffic across the Alnwick sector in locations identified by residents in the community, at peak times to:

- target the motorists in those locations highlighted

- provide a high profile presence for local residents and a deterrent and enforcement to motorists

- advise or warn drivers and riders where appropriate

Operation Ridesafe is implemented at weekends to assist reduce speeding motor cyclists on the country roads and prevent accidents.   

"Keeping you informed"

Our work is regularly backed up with media releases to remind road users to reduce their speed,  be mindful of other motorists, pedestrians and residents.

Residents will be informed of successes via the Northumbria Police sector website, local media, officers attending community meetings, and patrolling officers.