You Said We Did

We asked, You Said, We did

October 2018: Rural Crime - We Asked

 What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

Rural Crime - You Said

Poaching and cars driving onto private land causing damage and intimidation.

Rural Crime - We Did

Operation Check Point is a meeting between game keepers/farmers and partners who share intelligence and go out together with direct contact.  The last meeting was 6th September 2018 and  another is to be planned for later in the year.  Anyone is welcome to get involved via their local NPT team.

Farm Watch passes regular information on suspicious vehicles and incidents.

Farm Watch signage and crime prevention advice passed.

October 2018: ASB/Drugs - We Asked

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?

ASB/Drugs - You Said

Residents are concerned that youths are getting involved in drug taking and ASB around the Town Centre and several schools.  Also areas that have been closed by the Council are attracting youths. 

ASB/Drugs - We Did

We targeted patrol plans in parks and areas of high disorder.

Worked with partners to improve street lighting, CCTV and boarding to these areas to restrict access.

Issued ASB agreements and community warning notices with partners support to main offenders.