Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:

1.February 2017: Off road motorcycles are being used in the Cramlington area.

"What you told us"    

Off road motorcycles are being used in the Cramlington area, along cycle paths, roads and around parks.

"What we are doing about it"      

Your local Neighourhood Policing Team are closely monitoring the specified locations where motorcycle disorder has been reported and will deploy uniformed and plain clothed officers in order to identify and deal with offenders.

All incidents reported to police will be attended and dealt with robustly.

Offenders will be dealt with robustly in accordance with the Road Traffic Act, issue Section 59 Warnings and if applicable offending vehicles will be seized by police.   

Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team will be working closely with our partners at the Council in relation to long term problem solving measures.   

"Keeping you informed"

Due to members of the public reporting motorcycle disorder in February alone there have been 2 motor cycles seized from an individual where a Section 59 warning had previously been issued. 

Updates wil be posted on the Cramlington Sector web pages outlining successes and any positive action taken against individuals.

Residents will beept informed at local meetings, through leaflet drops and by patrolling officers about activity undertaken.      

2. February 2017: Speeding

"What you told us"

Speeding motor vehicles is a Neighbourhood Priority as a result of correspondence from residents, Police and commuity engagement events in Cramlington and throughout the sectors villages.  The local community has raised concerns in relation to speeding motor vehicles travelling on our roads through the same towns an villages across the sector.   

"What we are doing about it" 

The Neighbourhood Teams will continue to work in conjunction with the Safer Communities Partnership to make the roads a safer place to ride and drive. 

Visible high profile vehicles will continue to patrol the areas and officers to monitor the speed of traffic across the Cramlington Sector in locations identified by residents in the community, at peak times to: 

- target the motorists in those locations highlighted     

- provide high profile presence for local residents and a deterrent to motorists putting other road users at risk

- advise, warn and prosecute drivers where appropriate.

Keeping you informed

Residents will be informed of successes via the Northumbria Police Sector website, local media, officers attending community meetings, and patrolling officers.