Operation Flynn tackles active offenders

Dated: 07 Mar 2017 10:02 AM

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Flynn, a new police operation, is now underway targeting active offenders operating in Northumberland and North Tyneside.

This initiative coordinates officers from neighbourhood teams, 24/7 response and CID to work together to gather intelligence about people committing crimes in both counties in order to identify, locate and arrest those suspected offenders.

Police are targeting people suspected of being involved in a wide range of criminality from house and commercial burglaries to violent crime, including domestic abuse offenders, and other cases. All with the emphasis on targeting individuals who cause the most harm in our communities.

Northern Area Command Chief Inspector Helena Barron said: "We're pulling together all available resources to make a real difference and we want offenders to know that we have them in our sights and we will be using Operation Flynn to get in and make arrests so we can to bring offenders before the courts to be dealt with.

"This is an intensive, focused operation which will make a real difference to our neighbourhoods. We hope people will see this activity and feel reassured by the outcome, the aim of this is to benefit local people by making them aware of what we are doing to make our communities safer.

"As part of this operation we will also be giving residents information about crime prevention and the simple steps they can take to keep their homes safe and make them less likely to be a victim of opportunist crime.

"Free and easy advice such as keeping your doors and windows locked securely, especially overnight, can have a big impact and make your home less attractive to the sneak-in burglar."

Operation Flynn has started today (Tuesday, March 7) and will run over the next two weeks. The operation will be monitored and if required repeated over the coming months.

Officers making enquiries to locate suspects will speak to residents about the initiative and will also issue updates via the force's twitter feeds.