Neighbourhood priorities

We asked, You Said, We did

We asked:

What issues are affecting you in your local area?

You said:

We are concerned about the large number of youths congregating in the Seghill village causing crime and anti social behaviour, this making residents feel unsettled and intimidated.

We did:

We have worked with our partners to identify the persons responsible for these issues and have served Community Protection Warnings on two key individuals preventing them from entering Seghill.  Local residents have been invited to public meetings and given reassuance and advice. 

Patrols have also stepped up in the area with assistance from the Mounted Section.   A number of arrests have been made and investigation are ongoing. 

How we have addressed the local issues you raised with us.

We asked...       

What concerns do you have about your neighbourhood?  

You said...

and residents around Horton Park regarding youths committing anti-social behaviour in the area disrupting patrons of shops and neighbouring houses.

We did ...

Cramlington Neighbourhood Policing Team have conducted regular patrols around the area.  Youths who were found to be hanging about in the area concerned have been spoken to, advised about their behaviour and what will be done if they are caught committing anti-social behaviour.  During those patrols youths who are caught committing anti-social behaviour have had their name and address taken and a letter has been sent to parents to inform them that their son/daughter has been spoken to by the police after they had been involved in anto-social behaviour.

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