Neighbourhood priorities

Neighbourhood Priorities

The following Neighbourhood priorities relate to your area:

Anti-Social behaviour - Castle Mews/Belsay House Farringdon

"What you told us"

A number of residents have expressed their concern about Anti-Social Behaviour in the Farringdon Area, particularly around the rear of Castle Mews and Belsay House.  Youths are gathering on the grassed area on an evening and causing disorder.  They are also using the entrances to the flats to congregate.

This is reflected in compalints from residents and at P.A.C.T. meetings and also the number of calls received by the Police.

This has been identified as a priority from the 1st March 2017

"What are we doing about it"

Your local Police teams will be concentrating their efforts in Farringdon during March 2017.  The reports of youth anti-social bahaviour (ASB) in this area are among the highest in Sunderland West. 

Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers will be out on foot in the area taking positive action against anyone acting in an anti-social manner.   

The Police are very well supported by Sunderland Council, Gentoo and other voluntary sector agenicies in tackling ASB. It is very much a team effort and that includes our local communities making sure they contact the Police when they are having problems.

"Operation Gryphon"  is a partnership approach to dealing with ASB.  Positive action is taken through ensuring information is shared and repeat offenders are visited and spoken to in front of their parents.  The focus is on working with parents to change their child's behaviour and to divert them onto more meaningful activities.

"Keeping you informed"

Police Community Support Officers will be engaging with the community to let them know what is happening.  Further updates will be provided at the local P.A.C.T. meeting and on the Website.